our statement of intent

As I mentioned in my last post on conscious conception, hubby and I have started a journal to give our future child someday. We are basing the beginnings of this notebook off the ideas in a book called The Conception Mandala. This is our statement of intent:

our statement of intent
why we want to have a child

We love each other with all our hearts and can’t imagine another person we’d rather create life with.

We want to bring children into the world so they can experience absolute unconditional love and acceptance from us, which we hope enables them to pass it on to others during their lives, and possibly to their own children if they decide to have children.

We want to nurture and love a life. We want to watch that little soul grow up in his or her human body…first inside another body, then as an infant, toddler, child, teenager, and adult. We are excited to see the ways he or she will be unique — physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to take care of our child, hold it, kiss it, teach it, learn from it, sing to it, play with it, dance with it, explore with it, laugh with it, and cry with it.

We will not be perfect, but we will be good teachers, listeners, students, and friends throughout the child’s life and will make our family the top priority. We will be great parents and welcome the opportunity to realize that. We truly want to be parents. This is what we’re here to do — love each other and create and love a family.

Are you trying to conceive a child? What would your statement of intent be? Or maybe you already have conceived…what would it have been? It’s never too late or (I believe) too soon to write a letter to your future little one letting him or her know why you want them in your life.


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