month negative

So maybe this is my version of a sacrifice for Lent, or maybe I’m like the hippy, female version of Moses chilling on Mount Sinai waiting for the action to start. I’m going to keep on telling myself that, at least. Start channelling a little bit of serenity from this guy or something:

Meditating man

All I know is, it has now been 40 days and 41 nights since my last cycle started, and I’m getting antsy. Why not take a pregnancy test, you ask?

I have. No such luck…yet, that is.

I stopped taking my birth control, which was Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo for the last five years or so of my life, at the end of February. (Before that I was on Depo Provera for about, eek, four years.) In fact, the night hubby and I made our decision to add to our family, I happened to be on the last active pill of my pack. So that week I started my period, and we spent the whole of March beginning to spiritually prepare for baby and also detoxing with a seven-day raw food fast.

March also happened to coincide with my annual visit to my gynecologist. The day of my exam was my 28th day of this cycle, and I felt cramp-y as if I were about to start my period.  Turns out, according to evidence from the doc, I was ovulating. That was a bit disappointing as I knew that meant my cycle was totally out of whack, but my doc did tell me that my hubby and I are “perfect candidates” for a healthy pregnancy in that we are a good age (I am 27 and he is 31), have had no real health problems to speak of, and do not have any family history of genetic or health disorders. She also said that it typically takes 2-3 months for a woman’s normal ovulation cycle to get back on track (although I have heard it can take even longer.)

When she announced that I was likely ovulating on day 28 she said it as if it were really no big deal. She also said it would be fine to start “trying” now, and that I didn’t need to wait for my first period. It’s possible we could get pregnant at any time, although if you are having a regular cycle you’re of course more likely to be ovulating regularly (or at all.) I’m trying to be positive, but I’m a timeline kind of girl. This is not on my timeline.

What was your experience getting off birth control before trying to conceive, if that’s the route you took? Do you or did you feel as antsy and frustrated as I do? Hubby and I are reminding ourselves not to get discouraged, as we can hardly even call this month one of trying to conceive. Instead, we’re calling it month negative and trying to smile about it. After all, you can’t be frustrated if you haven’t conceived in month negative — the party hasn’t even started yet!


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