melodic monday, what?

So I was sitting at lunch today and realized I did exactly what I thought I might do last week: forgot to post some writing on Monday.

I’m sorry. But ah well, I suppose I will just start writing when I can and when inspiration truly hits me instead of on a regular day every week.

I’ve also been quieter than normal this week too, and I am sorry for that. Work has been wildly busy. We are talking about hiring a third person for our two-man marketing group, which would be amazing, because I am about completely zombified by the time I get home every day lately. This evening I just laid silently on the bed with hubby for about 20 minutes…a big change from my usual constant blabber and energy from the time I walk in the door.

I hope you are all having a good week and are retaining many more brain cells than I am lately. Talk to you more soon.



but doc, we like our cats!

Probably since I’m not pregnant yet and see this “issue” only on the distant horizon, I hadn’t thought much yet about toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease that can be carried by animals (primarily cats) and that I’ve heard is a sizeable danger for pregnant women, so much that their partners should scoop the litter box(es) during the pregnancy. Really I’ve only thought about it in terms of being able to take a break from litter box duty for 9 months. (Just kidding, hubby. Kind of.)

Thankfully, largely gone are the days when people try to insist you should get rid of your cats when you become pregnant (give me a break) although the sentiment obviously still exists, as I learned while reading one of my favorites, Sanguine Symmetry, the other day. I was curious what the current medical opinion is, so I explored that today at our vet’s office.

Hubby and I were there, taking our cats for their regular six month appointment. I told the vet we are trying to start a family and asked if it’s really true that hubby needs to scoop the litter box when and if I become pregnant.

“You have to get rid of the cats,” he said.

Just kidding, our doc didn’t tell us to get rid of Spencer and Chloe. If he had I would have laughed him right out of the exam room and promptly found us another veterinarian. What really happened was:

“Weelll,” he smiled and laughed, “it’s not as cut and dry as people think.”

He went on to say a few very interesting things. According to doc:

  • Toxoplasmosis is more of a concern with indoor/outdoor cats in the picture (ours are indoor)
  • Toxoplasmosis is more commonly caught from handling raw meats than it is from being in close contact with cat feces
  • My OBGYN can and will do a screen for toxomplasmosis early on in any future pregnancy to determine if I’ve already been exposed and am thus immune
  • Toxoplasmosis generally takes 72 hours to develop (if it’s even going to) in feces…so if you scoop your litterbox every day or two, like we do, it shouldn’t be an issue
  • It’s always nice to have your partner scoop just in case, but if you do scoop, wear gloves

His real recommendation involved doing a deworming of the cats a few months before I give birth. He said that this is more of a concern as far as cats and pregnancy/newborns are concerned. He also recommended a crib tent to keep cats who like to snuggle away from baby.

I found our morning lesson very interesting, but have to admit I’m just a teensy tiny bit disappointed I didn’t get a definitive, “You give that pooper scooper to your husband, and you give it to him the moment you find out you’re pregnant!” as an overwhelming response.  😉

l is for languid

If I could describe our weekend in one word, it would be languid.

Friday night hubby and I celebrated our six months of marriage with the aforementioned meal of artichokes, flank steak, and mashed potatoes. It was delicious. We watched a Lifetime movie and snuggled sleepily on the couch with the cats. Ah, and I ended up picking up this treat for dessert from Whole Foods:

Chocolate Cake for Two

Saturday it was pouring rain here in Atlanta. After sleeping in much later than normal, we ran a couple errands (one of which left us in a downpour without an umbrella) and then promptly returned home to make lunch and nap for several hours. That night we had dinner with my cousin, his wife, and their two daughters. Hubby and I both enjoyed seeing them, and in his case meeting mother and one of the daughters who weren’t able to make our wedding because of an illness that weekend.

Sunday morning the rain clouds had left Atlanta behind. The blue skies and welcome, rough breeze easily convinced us to open the door to our patio, and we enjoyed the fresh air and sounds of the city street below all day. For just a little while we worked on our conception mandala. Here’s a picture of the mandala when we started today. I’ll share more once we’re a little further along.

Our Conception Mandala

After lounging the day away we made flank steak and artichoke pizza with our leftovers from Friday. (Excellent idea. Try it.)

Flank steak and artichoke pizza

Then we took a walk around one of the neighborhoods behind our condo. I pointed out single-family homes I liked and told hubby the things I’d change about their landscaping or overall aesthetics. We talked about wanting lots of bird feeders and a bird bath someday, and about how Little Imaginary Future Baby of ours will probably love looking at the birds (as will the cats.)

Ah, almost forgot the three hour nap we fit in the middle of the day (again.)

Overall, the word languid really seems to encapsulate the weekend. The last several days have felt sleepy, dreamlike. We must have needed the extra rest, but somehow I still don’t feel rested enough.

How was your weekend?

prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins. What do you think about them? What do I think about them? What have we been told about them?

Some people say taking a prenatal vitamin is no big deal. Others (and this seems to be a more common opinion) say it’s essential when trying to conceive. Although hubby and I are pursuing a minimalist conception and (one day) pregnancy, we are of the belief that we want to do whatever is medically good for our future little one and in that way will not be as minimalist as some might be. In our opinion, this includes me taking a prenatal vitamin.

My doctor agrees. When I went for my yearly exam a couple months ago and told her we were about to start trying, the only real question she asked was whether I am taking a prenatal vitamin. (Yes.) What kind?

Hubby and I try to live a primarily all natural, organic lifestyle, so when I was deciding on a prenatal vitamin I was interested in finding one that was all natural. After doing a little research and reading lots of consumer reviews, I settled on this:

Rainbow Light Prenatal One

If you click here or on the image above, you can go to the Rainbow Light website and read the bottle’s label. When I told her about it, my doc hadn’t heard about the Rainbow Light brand. (Surprise, surprise coming from a mainstream doc.) Her one question was, is there folic acid in the vitamin?


She said that’s all she needed to know for now, and that when we do become pregnant I can bring the bottle in and she’ll let me know whether she recommends continuing to take it or switching to another brand. I have a feeling this brand will be okay. When I was at the house of a pregnant friend of mine recently I took a look at the label on the bottle of her prenatal vitamins and from what I could remember it looked really similar to mine.

I like this vitamin because it is all natural and is only a once a day pill. (I can’t believe some are six a day — are you kidding me?) It’s also vegan friendly. I’m not a vegan, but still cool. The vitamin doesn’t upset my stomach at all but it has if I take it on an empty stomach, so I would recommend waiting until after breakfast to take it. Also, I’ve heard some complaints about the large pill size but it’s really not hard once you get the hang of it, nor do I think it is extraordinarily large. My trick is to flick my head back quickly while relaxing my throat.

What prenatal vitamin are you or did you take, if any? Here’s hoping you found one that worked or works well for you.

half a year of wedded bliss

Tomorrow hubby and I will have been married for 6 lovely months. To celebrate, tonight we are making:

  1. Flank steak using this marinade recipe I found on (my go-to recipe site of choice)
  2. Artichokes using this recipe I read on one of my favorite blogs, Wit & Whistle (fear of artichokes be damned!)
  3. Mashed potatoes…no recipe for this one. We’ll just throw stuff together; a lick of a spoon should tell us if we need more of an ingredient.

I just realized I haven’t gotten anything for dessert. Any ideas? 

And don’t say baby making. Tee hee.

becoming “that” woman

I have always loved children. I mean, ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a mom. From 13 to 18, I worked as a babysitter for half of the families in the neighborhood I grew up in, and I loved it. So I guess what I’m trying to say is…I’m no stranger to staring at other people’s babies. Only now that hubby and I are actively trying to conceive I’m finding that my pregnancy and baby radar (and thus ogling) is in overdrive.

I feel like I see pregnant women and/or babies everywhere I go now. On the elevator at work I notice sweet, round bellies I probably would have taken less notice of before, and at restaurants I stare dreamily at toddlers in highseats one booth over. I’m becoming “that” woman…the one that stares at other people’s pregnant stomachs and babies, almost unabashedly.

Last night hubby and I had dinner at a new(ish) barbecue place in the Virginia Highland area of Atlanta called D.B.A. Barbecue. (Side note: It was good — not amazing, but good enough to go again.) At the table next to us a dad was out to dinner with his six(ish) month old and a friend. The baby was a little girl, wide eyed and attentive. She kept staring gently around the patio, toward us, up toward the ceiling, around at her dad and his friend, blinking slowly. I could almost smell her sweet baby smell. Hubby and I were chatting but I kept sneaking peaks at the girl.

“Awww, you want to be a mommy,” hubby said, smiling in a moment after our conversation had quieted and my eyes had drifted over to her again.

Yup, yup I do.

Tonight hubby and I went to dinner for a friend’s birthday. We were at a (very Americanized) Mexican restaurant with a group of about 20. One couple I didn’t know and who ended up at the opposite end of the table from us brought their 14 month old. She was adorable. Half or a quarter Mexican, I heard, with pretty dark eyes and complexion. She gave me and everyone else around the table a high five, but other than that was pretty wary of us. I did learn tonight that it appears it’s much more socially acceptable to ogle other peoples’ babies when they are in your party, whether you know them or not. The parents tonight seemed to glance up at me wonderingly way less than the men last night did.

But then, seriously, I don’t think I look too creeptastic.

In other news, tomorrow will be day 18 of my cycle. Wonder if my cycle is back to normal or if I’ll have another long one like last month. Hmm, guess we shall see soon enough. In the meantime, please forgive me if I smile a time or two more than normal at your pretty pregnant belly or your little one. I’m just excited.

happy earth day, nemo

Happy Earth Day to Nemo, my peace lily I bought when my company moved into our new office space at the start of this year! In our old office, my cube was extremely sterile — not to mention relatively soul-sucking — but I made it one of my goals to spruce up my new work space in the hopes that it would help elevate my spirits during the hours I am at work. I really think it has helped.

Also, Nemo is the first live plant I have ever owned (can you believe it? I am 27) and I am happy to say he is doing well! Isn’t that (and the fact that our two cats are not only alive but awesomely happy) a sign that I’m ready for motherhood? Riiiight?

And yes, that is a fake-fur covered picture frame containing a photo of our cats.

My plant, Nemo

More later…muah!